Ben Scheich, MS

Ben Scheich, MS is the Associate Director of Data Analytics at AWHONN, where he has worked for five years. Mr. Scheich has served as AWHONN’s project manager for many of its new initiatives, including the AWHONN Perinatal Staffing Data Collaborative, AWHONN EDGE, and the AWHONN Webinar Program. When he is not managing AWHONN’s projects, Mr. Scheich is collecting, analyzing, and visualizing AWHONN’s data. He is passionate about data analysis and learning new tools to analyze data, and Mr. Scheich speaks at AWHONN’s Annual Convention, presents AWHONN webinars, and leads internal AWHONN staff meetings on various data-related topics. Prior to working at AWHONN, he worked for a “Big Five” management firm assisting hospitals, insurers, physicians, and government agencies improve processes, increase revenue, and decrease costs. Mr. Scheich has a Master of Science degree in Biostatistics from Georgetown University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia.

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