Jed Gorlin, MD

Medical Director Memorial Blood Center/Associate Professor, University of Minnesota

Jed Gorlin, MD trained as a pediatric hematologist/oncologist who transitioned to transfusion medicine in1992. He founded the stem cell apheresis and processing and cord blood programs at Boston Children’s and has been at Memorial Blood Centers (now Innovative Blood Resources) since 1997. He served on the AABB board and has an active interest in international transfusion medicine efforts including having done the pre-PEPFAR evaluation of Tanzania for the CDC in 2003, given talks and consulted on setting up programs around the world, such as, at Afghanistan, Armenia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Peru, and Rwanda. He has maintained an academic position to the University of Minnesota.

Additional AABB service has including participating on Ethics Program unit, Young donors adverse reactions, Cord blood advisory committee and I currently serve as chairs for Interagency task force on donor hemoglobin and iron depletion and International variances from Standards committees. He is currently also co-medical director of the transfusion service of Hennepin County Medical Center a level one trauma hospital, where he has developed order sets for patients refusing blood, warfarin reversal and massive transfusion. He also developed a self-learning training module on transfusion aspects of obstetric hemorrhage. He is now the AABB liaison to American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), CMQCC- California Maternal Quality, and AWHONN. He is currently PI of a clinical trial measuring blood donor ferritin and providing iron replacement to donors with low ferritin levels.

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